New HIP report: Refugee Innovation: Humanitarian innovation that starts with communities

The Humanitarian Innovation Conference is an annual conference that aims to provide knowledge and action on the innovations that can be presented to those who have been in the frontlines of aiming to provide humanitarian action for those in need.

Announced in front of 250 delegates, the winners deserve the appreciation that they received from the panel. The paper that won aims to discuss how those who have been affected by crisis can find a way to cope with the problem and aim to provide an ever engaging creative problem-solving task where even the most challenging constraints become necessary.

There are many learnings that an individual can learn from the report, and the author has summarized the report.

First, it is easy to see that refugees, displaced persons, and others who have the same predicament need not worry about their survival but worry more on their financial stability. Since these individuals have been removed from their natural habitat, it becomes clear that they are caught in a crisis of where they can put their skills, talents, and aspirations.

The report further elaborated that while humanitarian innovation has been increasingly accepted and welcomed by the humanitarian world, there is still a level of neglect that comes with the territory.

The neglect is cleared by the specific disregard that of every individual’s capabilities and adaptive resourcefulness.