Created in 2012, the Humanitarian Innovation Project undertakes research that rethinks the frontiers of the humanitarian system.

We are a multi-disciplinary team based at the University of Oxford with field-based teams established in the countries in which we work.

The Humanitarian Innovation Project was founded in 2012 thanks to a generous donation from Stephanie and Hunter Hunt.

Beginning with an initial focus on the role of innovation, technology, and the private sector in refugee assistance, we have expanded the scope of our work to four main areas.

Our four project areas include: 1) refugee economies; 2) bottom-up innovation 3) military-humanitarian innovation; 4) governance innovation. 

The areas in which we work have in common that they engage with actors and ideas traditionally off-limits to humanitarians:  the role of markets, affected communities, the military, and politics. By breaking down conventional boundaries, we aim to highlight untapped opportunities for dialogue and collaboration.

We actively engage with practitioners from across government, international organisations, NGOs, business, and crisis-affected communities. It has strong partnerships with UNHCR and the World Humanitarian Summit, and convenes the now annual Humanitarian Innovation Conference.