In the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016, conference participants worked together to explore and discuss the challenges of creating an enabling environment for humanitarian innovation.

This second annual conference on humanitarian innovation contributed to the expansion of a broader ‘humanitarian innovation network’ that was established last year, offering a space to discuss possible ways forward for enabling and facilitating innovation across the wider humanitarian ecosystem and how we can better convene the collective talents of people within and across traditional and non-traditional humanitarian actors.  

Notable speakers

  • Mohamad Abdulkader Agha
  • Anita Menghetti
    US Department of State
  • Emily Arnold-Fernandez
    Asylum Access
  • Nuno Nunes
  • Andrew Billo
  • Sara Pantuliano
    Humanitarian Policy Group
  • Jeff Crisp
    Refugee Studies Centre
  • Mike Penrose
    Action Contre La Faim
  • Olivier Delarue
    UNHCR Innovation
  • Nathaniel Raymond
    Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Niels Harild
    World Bank
  • Kyla Reid
  • Per Heggenes
    IKEA Foundation
  • Tarun Sarwal
  • Moulid Hujale
    Freelance Journalist
  • Kim Scriven
    Humanitarian Innovation Fund