UNHCR Ideas: Open innovation inspiring collaboration and new ideas within the UN

An independent review of an online platform showing off the collaborative innovation within the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is nothing short of a good nod to the active collaboration of the different areas of thinking. In this context, the Humanitarian Innovation Project (HIP) is better carried out.

The ‘UNHCR Ideas’ is more than just about the creation of an online community, but it is all focused on creating and developing new ideas amongst an online community where every single one of the participants knows what they want and knows the idea that they want to share.

The report looks specifically at the relationship between UNHCR and Spigit. It aims to continue to provide an overview of how UNHCR Ideas supports the wider process of innovation for the organization. With this innovation, the humanitarian sector is more equipped with the ideas that they need to reestablish a system that is innovative and more accessible completely.