We undertake research on the role of technology, innovation and the
private sector in refugee assistance.

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The political and social effects of unlimited number of people seeking refuge across borders have been experienced worldwide. The unprecedented impacts have been felt in countries hosting refugees and the ones they travel through.

According to a 2018 World Bank study

143 million will be displaced by 2050 due to the effect of climate change, further worsening the humanitarian challenges.

The extraordinary yet temporary happenings

Including the numbers of refuges and related stories behind them, have been referred to as a “crisis.”

world bank study
embracing innovation

Refugee displacement usually takes about 17 years on average

indicating that the situation protracted. Therefore, there’s need for long-term sustainable and adaptable solutions, and immediate short-term solutions for refugee assistance along their pathway.

Over 65 million people

According to the UNHCR, had been displaced worldwide in 2015. They were driven from their homes by conflict, famine and natural disasters.



Includes both new usage of existing technologies, products, services and organizational models as well as new solutions. They respond to existing challenges and emerging or unmet needs.

Policymakers increasingly embrace innovation. However, more can be done to bridge the gaps in global refugee response to innovation. There’s need for new ways to collaborate and coordinate humanitarian actions.

Inclusive, scalable, and novel

Approaches foster resilience and satisfies the needs of all concerned refugees or persons. Humanitarian actions empower host communities, refugees and other associated actors to develop and spread innovative solutions across sectors and along the pathway of refugees.

At The OX Hip NGO

We provide information on how technology and innovation support refugee assistance.

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Various ongoing innovation in products, services, technologies, and systems focus on addressing the needs of refugees in transit and upon arrival at urban or camps. 

They cover various sectors, including sanitation and hygiene, livelihoods, education, water, communication, health, shelter, protection, digital platforms and easy, low-tech solutions.

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