About Us

The Ox Hip NGO was developed half a decade ago as a vehicle to motivate technologists about refugee plight. We’re focused on waking them up to the possibility of their startup mentality, innovation and design-based thinking to bring new, scalable and sustainable solutions.

The solutions could offer relief for the plight of refugees and displaced persons worldwide. Watching the footage of refugees fleeing war-tone zones and natural disasters with their smartphones in hand awoke the tech world.

A Strong History

Technologists realized that innovation and technology can provide solutions to the multiple issues refugees face. We target engineers, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, designers, researchers, policymakers, impact investors and refugees.

  • At The Ox Hip NGO, we showcase innovative and tech projects that respond to the needs of refugees and displaced populations worldwide.
  • They develop tech products and services that can help refugees to access information, their rights, education, health, social inclusion, and employment.
  • We’re your go-to resource for everything you need to know about technology, innovation and refugee assistance.

Mission and Vision


The mission of The Ox Hip NGO is to provide refugees and technologists with information on how innovation and technology is supporting refugee assistance.


Our vision is to motivate technologists to continue developing tech solutions that solve humanitarian challenges. We also hope to encourage investors and donors to support the different tech programs aimed at supporting refugee assistance.

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